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How can i express this in Japanese... "The one that.." example : "The one that disappeared"
2015年12月30日 07:50
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You can put の after a verb or adjective to do this. Example:青いのください。 The blue one please. Example: あの亡くなったの… The one that disappeared... of course being specific works too Example: あの亡くなったやろ that scum bag that disappeared
亡くなる means for someone to die(more round about and subtle way to express death than the word 「死ぬ]) 消える(きえる)is the word your looking for. As for grammatically we would not really use の to express that meaning while it is acceptable in Justin's first example sentence as a casual speech it cannot be used in the same way with verbs or in proper Japanese. There needs to be a little bit more context behind what the "one" that disappeared is in order for me to fully answer your question.
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