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What does 그레저 mean? I'm watching a Korean Hearthstone tournament and I keep hearing 그레저or 그레처, and it appears to be some sort of agreement word, but I can't find anywhere the exact meaning.
30 Ara 2015 10:25
Answers · 6
Pronouncing 그래서 aggressively would never make it sound like a ㅈ... I think you heard 그렇죠. You certainly know what 그치 (그렇지) means. Well 그렇죠 is just the polite version of it. And it's indeed an agreement so I'm pretty sure this is the word you heard.
30 Aralık 2015
그래서: therefore 그래서? : so what? 그랬어?: was that so? Pay good attention to the accent. If it's aggressive, it's most porbably "그래서?"
30 Aralık 2015
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