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bring in Could I have this translation checked ? You , British tend to ask , How are you bringing in the new year? Given that I cannot find the good translation for " bring in " in Spanish.Could it be ¿Cómo estás recibiendo el Nuevo Año? ( where you are going , who with,what you are doing: party, family gathering.... Could I have it corroborated? Thanks
2015년 12월 30일 오전 11:57
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creo que si. Aquí está interessante para saber:
2015년 12월 30일
There is a debate every year whether it is "Ring in the New Year" which means to celebrate the New Year somehow or "Bring in the New Year," which means more like to start anew. Personally, I think "Ring in the New Year" is the original saying.
2015년 12월 30일
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