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Kevin Lai
HI! I am Taiwaness!! I want to know ''What the U.S.A has locial special food? '' Because in Taiwan,every country has they're locial special food and famous in most tourists. When they visiting in Taiwan,always has a big meal exclusivef for Taiwaness snack. So I also wanna know ''What the U.S.A.has special snack?'' Hope everyone can introdution these food. The best is your hometown cuisine. If I have chance to go to the USA be a traveler.I will go to eating!Is local sorry ><
Dec 30, 2015 1:55 PM
Answers · 5
Well, in Philly (Philadelphia), you won't go wrong with a cheesesteak ("steak" in the local vernacular), tomato pie, pretzel, and water ice. These are some of the local favorites. If you were to order a cheesesteak, do try it "wit wiz," which is a type of processed cheese. It's not healthy but is a local treat! And make sure to eat your pretzel with travels if you make it to the USA.
December 30, 2015
The United States is pretty big and there are are many different local regional specialties. I live in New England and I am personally very fond of fried clams, "with the belly." New England and upstate New York are also region of the United States that are very good for ice cream; try to find local roadside stands, but even in the city if you can find an ice cream shop--a walk-in restaurant selling mostly ice cream cones, perhaps milkshakes and smoothies--it is likely to be very good.
December 30, 2015
Kevin Lai
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