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on-counter medicine - what it means? cloud system clears up? 1. He went to a pharmacy and bought some on-counter medicine. - What does "on-counter medicine" mean? 2. According to the weather report, the rain won’t stop until the whole cloud system clears up next Monday. - Is “the whole cloud system clears up” correct? Can the verbal phrase "clear up" use with a subject like "cloud SYSTEM"? Thanks!
Dec 30, 2015 2:02 PM
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1. - Normally the phrase is "over-the-counter medicine," which means that you did not need a doctor's permission to get the medicine. "On-counter medicine" sounds like when you went to purchase the medicine you walked up to the counter and the medicine was available for purchase literally being displayed on the counter. It does seem to imply that you did not need a doctor's permission, though. 2- Yes you can use "clear up" to describe something which is not clear, or to describe whatever is making something not clear. In this case the sky is not "clear" because of the clouds or cloud system. Then the cloud system "clears up".
December 30, 2015
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