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Most accurate translation(hanzi) of "heart of a lion/lion heart" and "spirit of a lion/lion spirit"
Dec 30, 2015 3:16 PM
Answers · 4
“heart of a lion/lion heart” reminds me of the kind---Richard the Lionheart, the its Chinese translation is “狮心王查理”, if without any more detail, the translation could just be "狮子心" “狮心” each one is fine. "spirit of a lion/lion spirit" , it's an concept more abstract than the first one. i will translate it to "狮魂" or "雄狮精神"
December 31, 2015
I think it's better to give a description of the phrase. It is to describe a group of sport o a name of a movie? Literally, it traslates as“ 狮子之心”,狮子精神“。
December 31, 2015
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