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Wu Ting
Is it a real book? Is the ‘Black Pig’, mentioned in the context, a real book? Or is it just something Hemingway made up? the context: "The Pope wants the Austrians to win the war," the major said. "He loves Franz Joseph. That's where the money comes from. I am an atheist." "Did you ever read the 'Black Pig'?" asked the lieutenant. "I will get you a copy. It was that which shook my faith." "It is a filthy and vile book," said the priest. "You do not really like it." "It is very valuable," said the lieutenant. "It tells you about those priests. You will like it," he said to me. I smiled at the priest and he smiled back across the candle-light. "Don't you read it," he said. "I will get it for you," said the lieutenant. "All thinking men are atheists," the major said. "I do not believe in the Free Masons however." "I believe in the Free Masons," the lieutenant said. "It is a noble organization." Some one came in and as the door opened I could see the snow falling.
Dec 31, 2015 7:44 AM
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Hello Gordon, Like you I suspect, I had a look on Google and I do not think it is a book written in English. I have had a quick look in Italian and still can find not trace of it so I suspect it is either a fictional book or a book which Hemigway changed the name of to protect himself! Happy New Year
January 2, 2016
Wu Ting
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