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Wu Ting
How would you interpret this sentence? How would you interpret this sentence? Why did the major say he didn’t believe in the Free Masons? What’s the connection between being atheists and the Free Masons? Thanks. It’s from A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. the context: "Did you ever read the 'Black Pig'?" asked the lieutenant. "I will get you a copy. It was that which shook my faith." "It is a filthy and vile book," said the priest. "You do not really like it." "It is very valuable," said the lieutenant. "It tells you about those priests. You will like it," he said to me. I smiled at the priest and he smiled back across the candle-light. "Don't you read it," he said. "I will get it for you," said the lieutenant. "All thinking men are atheists," the major said. "I do not believe in the Free Masons however." "I believe in the Free Masons," the lieutenant said. "It is a noble organization." Some
31 dic 2015 09:11
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This webpage answers your question. It explains how freemasons believe in a higher power which doesn't necessarily mean a diety, for example the higher being could be "the order of the universe" or something else vague like that. So technically freemasons can be atheists. The major is saying that he is and supports atheists but does not agree with freemasonry because he doesn't actually believe that they are atheists, which is understandable. Some of them may be atheists but the general perception of freemasonry is that they are satanists or connected to the illuminati. For example, 'Freemasonry isn't actually an atheist organisation', said the atheist man.
31 dicembre 2015
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