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problem with iraqi song Hi everybody. I'm translating an arabic novel into italian but i'm stuck with 2 sentences of an iraqi song by 'Afifa Iskandar abd I hae no idea what it says..could anybody help me with the translation? Thanks a lot! the sentences are: بيا وجه باجرتعتذرلله بافعالك هاي أوف شلون بغرامك
Dec 31, 2015 10:19 AM
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umm, I'm not iraqi but I will try بيا وجه باجرتعتذرلله بافعالك هاي With which face are you trying to apologize to God because of what you are doing. or With my face this , I swear will you apologize tomorrow to God because of what you are doing. (talking about that she/he will get something bad in his life one day, and he will feel bad because of what he did or doing now) ...... This is hard to understand but I will try too , plus I think it will be better to add the full song or novel أوف شلون بغرامك oh how, with your love (how that "thing" could happen while I love you) I did what I know
December 31, 2015
بيا وجه باجر تعتذر لله بافعالك هاي What face with which you will apologize to God for your these actions? (literally translation) It means: How will you apologize to God with your bad actions? أوف شلون بغرامك Oh, how with your love? (literally translation) It means: What should I do. I am tortured because of your love.
December 31, 2015
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