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How in Arabic to say "let them talk "" (kn respond for someone discuss u, gossip u) In respond for*
Dec 31, 2015 12:19 PM
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Let them talk: دعهم يتكلمون In respond for their gossip you can say the same or you can say - it's common - دعهم يتكلمون بِما يحلو لهم means let them talk of whatever they like!
December 31, 2015
+ Let them talk - دعهم يتكلمون / Let them talk - فليتكلموا / Let them talk - فليقولوا، أنا لا أهتم / Let them speak, I don't care - فليتحدثوا / Let them discuss + In general, you need to respond using the verb which you received in the 1st sentence: - I heard them 'speaking' about you -> Let them speak - I saw them 'talking' about her -> Let them talk - they had a discussion about you -> Let them discuss
December 31, 2015
دعني أفكر
December 31, 2015
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