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Lizzy B.
Defining nouns and adjectives الولد المريض ضعيف = The sick boy is weak ولد مريض ضعيف = A sick, weak boy OR A sick boy is weak?
Dec 31, 2015 10:31 PM
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ولد مريض ضعيف = A sick, weak boy. In Arabic, the adjective must follow the subject/noun in definition, they're both definite, or both indefinite, that's why since the subject "boy" is indefinite, all the indefinite nouns after it are adjectives. In the first sentence, the "boy" was definite, so since the word "weak" was indefinite, it became the predicate, not an adjective. To simplify: For the first sentence: الولد = definite. المريض = also definite = adjective for "الولد". ضعيف = indefinite = predicate. For the second senence: ولد = indefinite. مريض = also indefinite = adjective for "ولد". ضعيف = also indefinite = adjective for "ولد".
January 2, 2016
Both of the two sentences are correct to translate as ولد مريض ضعيف but when you translate the Arabic sentence to English both of them works while - a sick boy is weak - is في الإعراب more correct.
January 1, 2016
أصل الجملة الثانية ٌهذا ولدٌ مريضٌ ضعيف أو هو ولدٌ مريضٌ ضعيفٌ لست متخصصا في اللغة ولكن هذا ماظهر لي .. والله أعلم
January 1, 2016
A sick, weak boy
January 1, 2016
المريض : adjective
December 31, 2015
Lizzy B.
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