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Do you teach Waray-Waray? Never saw answer the first time. Second request and here their writers voice, and have to practice regular writing for assignments in college. You do better. I wrote stream of consciousness. And I went back and reread over and over for spelling for grammar excessive wear and were wrong usage to see if my paragraphs followed by theme sentence lots of things to cut out. Do you hear how my transitions were done. Get out alternate long complex sentences with short ones. Did my writing established of rhythm? Yes you're telling the truth about my English but I guess you don't teach Waray-Waray. So insulted me was your best sales technique
Jan 1, 2016 11:56 PM
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Hi Craig. Waray-waray is a language spoken in Eastern Visayas region in areas like Samar (remember the island swept by Typhoon Haiyan, yep, those people were Waray). I don't know if you can find any Waray teacher online but in case you can't, any Visayan dialect (Bisaya/Binisaya) will do. Cebuano perhaps since it's the lingua franca in Visayas and some parts of Mindanao, and is closely related with subtle differences with Waray-waray. I don't speak Bisaya but I know these things because my maternal grandmum was a native Waray-waray speaker while my dad was a Cebuano speaker and they could get along really well - alienating me - a Tagalog speaker. I intend to learn Bisaya someday to find connection with my relatives there but which dialect, I haven't decided yet after all I don't consider it a problem. Good luck! :)
January 2, 2016
Let me get this straight....Waray-Waray is a dialect of Leyte (northern part, wherein Tacloban City is the capital) and Samar. My dialect is Waray-Waray coming from Tananuan but spent my adult years in Manila. I am fluent in Waray-Waray since it is one of the languages I speak at home (aside from Tagalog, Spanish and English). I don't think anyone teaches Waray-Waray but if you are interested it is not really difficult to learn. Most of the words spoken in Waray-Waray have Spanish origin as compared to Cebuano which is spoken in Southern Leyte and of course Cebu. I don't think there are books either about waray-waray. My cousins spouses are all from Manila and all speak fluent waray-waray having picked-up the words from family conversations. I am sure you will soon learn if you have someone to speak with. Good luck !
January 7, 2016
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