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English Is there any body learn English or any languge else , in small time , If yes please tell me what's the ways.
Jan 2, 2016 2:20 PM
Answers · 3
It all depends on how much time you have to study. To learn a language quickly, you need to use it as much as you can in your daily life. You need to use all kinds of skills such as listening to podcasts and watching English shows on YouTube. At first it might be difficult or boring, but keep trying and with time, things will improve. Another thing is to try writing a few paragraphs and post them on italki for others to correct for you. Also, you will need to read stories and news articles and try speaking as much as you can. There is no secret method, you just need to do these things. Try not to focus on one thing, and make a plan of study tasks that you can follow. Of course, if you need any help, feel free to ask.
January 2, 2016
Learning speed is depending on how much you practise, you need to learn any language to taste it and to know how it works first, after that try to talk to native people to know their traditions too because the language is a very important part of the tradition, you should (to learn it even faster ) use everything you've learnt in your daily life and practise it everyday. After all that try to write an article in your mother language then try to translate it by your own words and grammer and make that as a weekly test for you.. one more thing? Try to get your informations from different sites and in different ways to make sure that you won't feel boring... Hope that was helpful! About the language that I recommend for you to learn , choose one which you like to hear/talk and absolutely like the traditions of people who use it!
January 2, 2016
Jump to a country which you want to learn their language, and live between them for a while, then automatically you will learn their language because you need to survive ) "now we are in a horror movie" Well I think this is the fastest way .... but not easy, also you can have a teacher there to help you with learning faster and answer you with anything you need, but living and practising(24hour) is what will keep the language saved perfectly in your mind. Source: My weird mind.
January 2, 2016
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