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what's the difference between "a single peal" and "a single bell" Almost at once further sections of sound subsided, quickly one after the other, until only a single peal was left, that which had begun the ringing. Then the single peal tapered off into a single bell. The single bell tolled on its own, disjointedly, five or six or seven times. Then it stopped, and there was nothing. Q1: what's the difference between "a single peal" and "a single bell" ‘Gerald! Come and help me.’ He remembered that she was curiously vulnerable in the dark. He found his way to her, and guided her to the bed. ‘No more love,’ she said ruefully and affectionately, her teeth chattering. He kissed her lips with what gentleness the total night made possible. Q2: what does it mean here by "no more love"?
Jan 2, 2016 3:15 PM
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In your passage, it seems as if the bell ringers have just completed a full peal, and the writer is referring, perhaps inaccurately, to the last change as the least "peal." In any case, a set of bells has just been rung in sequence. Apparently, at the end of this sequences, the ringers just let go of the bells and they go on ringing for a short time, of their own accord, and the period time each bell keeps ringing depends on the particular bell, so one goes on ringing longer than all the rest.
January 2, 2016
Technically, a "peal" is a complete set of changes rung on a set of bells, in which the bells are rung in every possible order. Thus, if there are five bells, a full peal involves ringing 120 changes, each consisting of ringing the five bells in a different order. More generally, a "peal" means some kind of long, sustained sequences of bell ringing that is playing a pattern rather than a musical tune.
January 2, 2016
Your questions are more about literature than they are about grammar or semantics! 1) pealing is the sound a bell makes. As a native speaker I don't know what a single peal is. Seems very poetic usage to me. Maybe the author means that there was one sound made by several bells together, and then afterwards only one bell rang. 2) again, this could have several meanings depending on the character and her storyline, and the plot of the novel. Possible meanings are: - No more love i.e. I don't have any love left in me, as I am tired/have psychological problems and/or my plot in the novel suggests this. - No more love, i.e. there is no more love in the world, which is a general existential statement, perhaps suggested by the general tone of the novel. - No more, (my) love - i.e. don't kiss me any more darling (as it is dark and there seems to be a problem in the novel that they have to deal with in getting to bed)
January 2, 2016
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