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What is wrong with "it is recommended to" + infinitive? Please, can somebody explain why phrases starting with "it is recommended to" + infinitive are not widely used? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the verb "recommend" has limitations when used with the infinitive and is generally used with the gerund? Or is it just because it is awkward and artificial? And if latter is the case, why construction like "it is recommended that + noun + should" is not awkward? And also, considering the above-mentioned, can somebody clarify how phrases like "He was recommended to buy the book" fit into the puzzle?
Jan 2, 2016 5:16 PM
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It's a good question and I have no obvious answer. On checking this sentence database, (;=0&l;=0&p;=2&q;=it+is+recommended+to), there are plenty of examples of sentences with "it is recommended to + base verb". But I don't like the style of any of them. In each case, I thought - what is "it" that is recommended, and when I discovered the answer, I thought - well, why didn't they just make that the subject of the passive phrase, and make the whole sentence simpler? However, on the other hand, I would not have any problem with : it is advisable to...., which means the same. In Murphy Unit 65A "English Grammar in Use", p130, he gives examples of common adjectives which you can use in this construction : it + is + adj + to ... None of his examples are participial adjectives. Oxford and Collins don't list any example sentences with this construction either.
January 2, 2016
"it is recommended to" +verb only > it is recommended to use this tool for your job ( it is widely used . No limitations) It is recommended to pay first before it is delivered. "it is recommended that + noun/gerund > it is recommended that using this tool is the best. It is recommended that a person without money should not come. "that' here introduced a statement in relation to your previous 'verb' used > (recommended)
January 2, 2016
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