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Could you explain the sentence below for me? Danke! Wie darf's sein? Why are there two verbs? What does the sentence mean exactly? I also have two similar ones: Darf es noch etwas sein? Darf es ein bisschen mehr sein?What is the formal way to ask the same question? Is it " Sie wuenchen?"? Danke!
Jan 3, 2016 2:44 PM
Answers · 8
Wie darf´s sein ? = Wie darf es sein? Dürfen is an auxiliary verb so you need the inifintive form ( sein = to be) at the end. Anyway, I think you mean: Was darf´s sein? = Was darf es sein? - An informal way to ask: What would you like? ( in a restaurant, or a supermarket) Darf es noch etwas sein? > Would you like anything else? ( restaurant, supermarket) Darf es ein bisschen mehr sein? > It´s a bit over, is that ok? ( in a supermarket )
January 3, 2016
Wie darf's sein - how would you like it (to be) (literally: how may it be) Darf es noch etwas sein - anything else for you? (Literally: may it be anything else) Darf es ein bisschen mehr sein - a little bit more? (Literally: may it be a little bit more)
January 6, 2016
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