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Did you ever hear about this strange remedy:)?I hope you read,enjoy it and help me to fix my mistake Last winter, I and my family went to visit my father's aunt in Abha, southwest KSA. In the beginning I was very enthusiastic because of the weather. Unlike my city, Abha was very cold city and the rain fell profusely. Unfortunately, just after 3 hours of our arrival to my aunt's house, I began to feel very tired. my nose suddenly turned to the red color and I could not breath well. I got a really bad cold. My mother said wistfully,"we should take you to the doctor to get a treatment." However, my aunt said confidently" You do not need to visit a doctor, I have the best cure for this illness"Somehow she convinced me. First, she told me gently to warm my feet using a warm water. Then she dipped a pair of cotton socks in cold water and she got rid of excess water. Finally, she told me to wear them before sleeping. I was very surprised, but the next morning I felt better and after three days my cold went away. It was a traditional, unpopular and strange cure, but Worth the experienc
Jan 3, 2016 11:46 PM
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Hi Zainab! Excellent work, as usual! I have just a few observations: (1.) "I and my family went" ~ my family and I went (2.) "just after 3 hours of our arrival to my aunt's house" ~ just three hours after our arrival AT my aunt's house (3.) "my nose suddenly turned to the red color" ~ my nose suddenly turned red (4.) "I could not breath well" ~ I could not breathE well (5.) "we should take you to the doctor to get a treatment" ~ we should take you to the doctor to be treated [I would not say "get a treatment" unless I was referring to an established course of treatment, such as cancer treatment.] (6.) "she told me gently to warm my feet" ~ she told me to gently warm my feet [Think about your placement of "gently". Does it refer to the manner in which she spoke to you or the manner in which you were supposed to warm your feet?] // Please let me know if this is confusing. This is not an ideal way to correct someone's writing. :) Good luck!
January 4, 2016
excellent correction
January 4, 2016
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