What are some Spanish words that are considerably longer than their English counterpart? Example: corazon = heart
Oct 8, 2008 6:26 AM
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We have loads of examples: Ferrocarril (train) Automóvil (car) Teleobjetivo (zoom) Suministros (supplies) Depósito (depot) Cajero Automático (ATM) Navegador (browser) Alfombra (rug) Llevarse bien (get along) Boligrafo (ballpen)
October 9, 2008
Bat=Murcielago :) mira que bonita palabra mas bonita con todas las vocales :)
October 8, 2008
bolígrafo = pen earthquake (just quake) = terremoto highway = autopista to chat = conversar nightmare = pesadilla kick = patada quick = rápido stick = palo, rama skull = cráneo riot = tumulto, motín, disturbios tan = bronceado and a big etc. On the other hand there are also some words that are longer in english. The easiest example I can think of is "and = y"
October 10, 2008
that´s because most Spanish words come from Latin, and Latin words are long. English words, instead, come from a mix of Latin, Old English, German, French and Norse, the language of the Vikings
October 9, 2008
because in spanish we use the adjetive verb the pronoun and ussually use with the placewith is link on; by example: nosotros (we) estamos(are) en la (in the) casa de fernando (fernando house´s) cause we can split and link at the same time the phrase with the prsent past of future, all the stuff in spanish have a drastic change by the way, the vocabullary in spanish is so long but easy, we have an straight rule; we put a name for each one thing, example; we say "casa" and "caza" we write different, it´s sound like the same sound but "casa" is house, "caza" is i´m hunt, so u can see the different form. i was be usefull for u Eisen
October 8, 2008
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