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What is the meaning of 여유부릴 때 I've looking in various dictionary, wiki and translation. But I can't figure what mean "여유 부릴 때" like in the sentence : "그렇게 여유부릴 때가 아닐텐데"
Jan 5, 2016 1:01 AM
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여유 부릴 때 is composed as 여유 부리(다) + ㄹ/을 때 여유 means " room; space; spare time; composure" 여유(를) 부리다 means "to relax; to be relaxing" ㄹ/을 때 means "time to do something" or "when doing something" 때 can be used as the noun being described in the ~는 것 principle. When used like this, it indicates a specific moment in which something happens. The future tense form of ~는 (~ㄹ/을) is usually used to describe 때 in these cases. For example: 내가 밥을 먹을 때 This construction translates to something like “the time that I eat.” 지금은 여유 부릴 때가 아니다 It's not the right time to be relaxing. 그렇게 여유부릴 때가 아닐텐데 means I guess that it's not the time for you to be such relaxing.
January 5, 2016
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