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How would you interpret these two sentences? 1 There are a few real wounded. 2 Perhaps it start again. As for the first sentence, does it mean there are a few soldiers who are severely wounded by rock fragments? Or does it mean there are a few soldiers who were severely wounded not only by rock fragments but also by other things? As for the second sentence, does it mean perhaps the war may start again? Or does it mean perhaps the war has started again? Thanks. It’s from A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.the context "You don't believe me? We will go now this afternoon and see. And in the town we have beautiful English girls. I am now in love with Miss Barkley. I will take you to call. I will probably marry Miss Barkley." "I have to get washed and report. Doesn't anybody work now?" "Since you are gone we have nothing but frostbites, chilblains, jaundice, gonorrhea, self-inflicted wounds, pneumonia and hard and soft chancres. Every week some one gets wounded by rock fragments. There are a few real wounded. Next week the war starts again. Perhaps it start again. They say so. Do you think I would do right to marry Miss Barkley—after the war of course?" "Absolutely," I said and poured the basin full of water.
2016年1月5日 08:10
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1: It means 'wounded in war' - presumably by gunfire or shrapnel. 'Wounded' usually only means that. He listed some illnesses, then said _real_ wounded, meaning not sick, or 'accidental' wounds, such as the rock wounds. 2: That sentence is not correct English. Either it's a mistake, or more probably indicates the imperfect English of Rinaldi. He may be trying to say 'Perhaps it has started again', or 'Perhaps it will start again'. It isn't clear.
My interpretation: 1) There are a few real wounded: means most people are not severely wounded (may be scratches or bruises) , but there are A FEW REAL wounded (seriously wounded people)...only a few ! 2) Perhaps it start again: ( should: be "it startS again" or "it WILL start again"). This, in my opinion is not clear: maybe the author is first stating that the war WILL start again next week, but then he is having second thoughts and rectify: PERHAPS it starts again......... OR... the starting again is not referring to the war but to the people getting wounded... Maybe other people (who have read the book), have a better idea?
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