how to construct korean sentence?
Oct 8, 2008 10:48 AM
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Long time no see ! As you know, my English is not so good, so please put up with my English. It's not easy to write English. Well.. It's very easy to construct Korean sentence. For example 1> Tag > Si Christine ay babae. Eng > Christine is a lady. Kor1> Christine은 여성입니다. Kor2> 여성입니다. Christine은 For example 2> Tag > Si Christine ay estudyante. Eng > Christine is a student. Kor1> Christine은 학생입니다. Kor2> 학생입니다. Christine은 S(subject), V(verb), O(object) In other words, Eng> S + V Kor> S + V or V + S Because component parts of Korean sentence hang upon the ending of a word. (Korean sentence depends on the ending of a word.) For example 3> Tag > Si Christine ay maganda. Eng > Christine is beautiful.. Kor1> Christine은 아름답습니다. Kor2> 아름답습니다. Christine은 For example 4> Tag > Si Christine ay Pilipina. Eng > Christine is Filipina. Kor1> Christine은 필리핀여성입니다. Kor2> 필리핀여성입니다. Christine은 For example 5,6> Tag > Si G. hilarious ay Koreano. Eng > Mr. hilarious is Korean. Kor1> hilarious는 한국인입니다. Kor2> 한국인입니다. hilarious는 Tag > Si hilarious ay Cebuano. Kor1> hilarious은 세부사람입니다. ........ For example 7> Eng > I love you. S + V + O Kor1> 나는 당신을 사랑합니다. S + O + V Kor2> 나는 사랑합니다. 당신을 or S + V + O Kor3> 당신을 나는 사랑합니다. or O + S + V Kor4> 당신을 사랑합니다. 나는 or O + V + S Kor5> 사랑합니다. 나는 당신을 or V + S + O Kor6> 사랑합니다. 당신을 나는 or V + O + S In other words, Korean sentence is able to make all composition. Arrangement is not important, the ending of a word makes the meaning. For example 8> Tag > estudyante Eng > student Kor > 학생 Kor > S(subject) 학생은 Kor > V(verb) 학생입니다 Kor > O(object) 학생을 OK? It's very simple, isn't it? However basic sentence is 'Kor1'. Well.. I cannot explain anymore, English composition is too hard. Bye bye.
October 9, 2008
hi..^^ ex> I go to school.(in English) 나는 학교에 갑니다.(subjet+ object+ verb)
October 9, 2008
korean word order -> [subject - object - verb] english word order -> [subject - verb - object]
October 8, 2008
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