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what's the meaning of the sentence "slightly histrionic in his fear"? Phrynne shook her head and took his arm. ‘Nowhere to go,’ she said. But her voice was soft with fear, and her eyes blank. ‘I don’t expect they’ll trouble us.’ Swiftly Gerald drew the thick plush curtains, leaving them in complete darkness. ‘We’ll sit it out,’ he said, slightly histrionic in his fear. ‘No matter what happens.’ He scrambled across to the switch. But when he pressed it, light did not come. ‘The current’s gone. We must get back into bed.’ Q: what's the meaning of the sentence "slightly histrionic in his fear"? what does it mean by "soft with fear"?
Jan 5, 2016 11:44 AM
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"slightly histrionic in his fear" = histrionic = dramatic, to be dramatic, melodramatic. literally: He was being overly dramatic. 'in his fear' = a fancy and poetic way of saying = he was scared of something. "her voice was soft with fear" = her voice was soft = not loud, easy to listen to. With fear = VERY poetic, when she was speaking, her voice was soft yet uneasy. She was frightened of something so her voice reflected that. Imagine this (You are home alone and hear a noise) say this "what was that" [normal voice] now say it again, but this time pretend to be afraid of something. This is what the author means. Hope this helped.
January 5, 2016
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