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The Phantom of the Opera. I try to understand this parragraph, but I'm not sure if I'm right. Now Sorelli had to struggle to stay calm. The Persian was a dark, mysterious man, with deep green eyes that seemed to pierce the very soul of anyone who met his gaze. My try: Ahora Sorelly tuvo que luchar para mantener la calma. El Persa era un hombre oscuro y misterioso, con unos profundos ojos verdes que parecian taladrar el alma de cualquiera que mirara a sus ojos. I have serious dude about 'the very soul' and 'met his gaze'. I looked for 'the very soul' and I figured out that it is usually translated as 'un ejemplo de' or 'un modelo de', but I don't think that this is the right translate in this case. I suspect that the expression 'meet his gaze' is 'mirar a sus ojos'.this text comes from an adapted book to English learners, The Phantom of the Opera,
2016년 1월 5일 오후 5:15
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Also note that the word 'deep' does not describe the eyes - he didn't have "deep [green eyes]" - he had "[deep green] eyes. 'Deep green' refers to the shade of green - verde intenso - not to the eyes themselves.
2016년 1월 5일
The very soul = las profundidades del alma; las partes mas esenciales del alma, la fundación, el núcleo del alma. met his gaze = mirar a sus ojos, pero también tener el coraje para harcerlo y mantenerlo. Hay una implicación que sus "gaze" is tan fuerte que se intimida.
2016년 1월 5일
Thanks for you time, Stephanie. According to your explanation, I think my translation is right, isn't it?
2016년 1월 5일
This is a somewhat old use of the word "very" that we rarely see these days. gives some good examples. I like number 7 for this context. "6.actual: He was caught in the very act of stealing. 7. being such in the true or fullest sense of the term; extreme: the very heart of the matter. 8. true; genuine; worthy of being called such: the very God; a very fool. 9. rightful or legitimate." "Meet his gaze" is a bit easier. For me, it means "look into his eyes". Gaze means "steady or intent look", so it's a bit deeper than just a look. Phantom of the Opera is a great book. I read it twice in the original French. It's fabulous!
2016년 1월 5일
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