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What does this mean? "equimultiples are taken of the second and fourth" "Particular equimultiples are taken of the second and fourth." I don't understand what it means exactly. I'm just guessing it may mean the following: Particular multiples are multiplied numbers of second and fourth.Or does it mean this?: Particular multiples are produced from multiplying same numbers to the second and fourth?
6 يناير 2016 08:05
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"Equimultiples" is not a standard English word. It is used here for n a special way by the author. Without reading more context, it's impossible To be sure what is meant, but I'd guess it is close to your second suggestion. There is a particular set of multiples. Another set of numbers is produced by multiplying the second and fourth by the same number from the original set.
6 يناير 2016
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