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Please help me Does this sentence has another meaning ? Maybe (metaphoric) ? Or (idiom ) The sentence is in this conversation : 1- I'm home! 2- (what are you saying at someone else's home?)
Jan 6, 2016 8:46 AM
Answers · 4
If you return to your home, you can say " I am home". If you are really close to another person/friend, you may think of their home like yours so you may say " I am home" there. If you are going to someone else's home usually we will say "I'm back" or "We are back".
January 6, 2016
You say " I'm home!" when you have just reached your house and want to let someone know it. Or , just casually say "I'm back!" to have the same meaning . Or, "I'm home" when you have just return to your country ( here , you consider your country as your home , like you have been away for a long time and getting emotional.( metaphoric)) At someone's house , you say "I'm here!"? " I have arrived"
January 6, 2016
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