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Japanese to English translation Please help translate the following sentence. 空き部屋が確認でき次第見積もりをもらい契約に入り、 ジョンさんに金額と来日予定日を決めてもらいます。 Supposing I'm John, is this sentence directed to John? I'm a little bit confused on the "ジョンさんに" and the "決めてもらいます" part. From what I understand he seems to want to know more about John's finance and when he is coming to Japan. Does he want John to give him these information or does he plan on asking John at a later date? Thanks.
Jan 6, 2016 9:43 AM
Answers · 3
I think he wants to know two things. A rent fee is OK for you, and when you will come to Japan. The sentence means "After he finds a apartment for you, he will tell you a rent fee of it. If it's OK, he wants to know a date when you want to start to live in the apartment."
January 6, 2016
Frankly translated, ”As soon as we find a room for Mr.John we'll get to the business(Quotatoin etc.) and Mr.John will think about the 金額 and the arrival date." I'm not sure about what 金額 is reffering to.
January 9, 2016
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