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What are some filler words used in Korean conversations? What are some words or expressions that Korean speaker words during a conversation if they're pausing to think about what they're going to say. For example, "uhm" or "uh"; or if you're backchanneling (responding while someone else is speaking) like "uh-huh", "I see", "right". Or if you're thinking of something in particular but you can't remember it at that time like, "What is (was) that...?"
6 gen 2016 12:53
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"What are some filler words used in Korean conversations?" - 음.., 응.., 저기..: when pausing, hesitating for thought. (usually drawn out) - 뭐지, 뭐더라: when you can't think of something - "what was that", "you know..". - 있지, 있잖아: to draw attention, "Listen to this..". - 맞아, 그래, 그럼, 그렇지: responding with confirmation. "I see", "right". - 저기.., 저 말이죠.., 저 말씀이죠..: when trying to draw attention of an unfamiliar person.
6 gennaio 2016
음 흠 으흠 네!: I see 네~: yes, go on 그쵸: right 그건 그렇죠: you have a point 뭐더라: what was that 뭐랄까....: hou could I explain this 말하자면: in short
6 gennaio 2016
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