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Syllables I've searched the internet and keep coming up with different answers. I would like to learn about kanji, I hope I'm rightfully guessing that those are the written syllables that make up a word? (i.e. hajime mashite is 6 kanji, maybe?) Where can i find a complete list of both the kanji itself and the sound it makes?
6 janv. 2016 16:27
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I think you're learning about not kanji, but hiragana. hajime masite is は(ha) じ(ji) め(me) ま(ma) し(shi) て(te). How about this website? →
6 janvier 2016
You are referring to Hiragana, my friend. Try this place. Worked wonders for me. Besides Hiragana, you can also learn other forms of Japanese writing; Katakana and Kanji. You can also learn more. Best thing is IT IS FREE!! (no joke) Love sharing this school to everyone.
6 janvier 2016
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