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Adam Haecker
everything when referring to everything is it more appropriate to use ぜんぶ or みんな? for instance if I wanted to say I would like to buy everything would I say: ぜんぶ買いたい or would I use みんなrealized I forgot the wo ぜんぶを買いたい
Jan 6, 2016 7:58 PM
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When you're talking about everything in Japanese, you can select among すべて(全て), 全部(ぜんぶ),みんな. 全て and 全部 can be used for objects or people. みんな can be used for object or people too, but is used for people more. 全て is more of a written language whereas みんな and 全部 are colloquial. 花(はな)が 〇全て/〇全部/〇みんな 枯(か)れた。 All flowers have withered. 島民(とうみん)は 〇全て/〇全部/〇みんな 避難(ひなん)した。 All of islanders have evacuated. これ 〇全て/〇全部/△みんな (を)買(か)いたい。 I'd like to buy all of these. 〇みんな/×全て/×全部 で 協力(きょうりょく)しよう。 Let all of us cooperate together! I hope this is helpful!
January 7, 2016
I'm not a Native speaker but I'm capable to help you. みんな directly translates to "You all" or "You guys", referring to a group of people. Example : みんな、おはよう!Good morning, everyone! ぜんぶ is the proper word to say "everything", just like your example. There is also いろいろ and なにごと but their usage is quite different and depending on the context you are talking about. Hope I helped ><
January 6, 2016
Adam Haecker
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