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André Almeida
What does "chase" mean? Would "chase" be in the sense of put? I've heard through a Bob Marley's song, I take the opportunity to ask why Bob Marley said mostry something like "I and I" is his lyrics. See the context below: I and I build the cabin. I and I plant the corn. Didn't my people before me slave for this country. Now you look me with a scorn then you eat up all my corn. We're gonna chase those crazy baldheads out of town. Chase those crazy baldheads out of town.
Jan 7, 2016 1:46 AM
Answers · 5
'Chase' here has the standard definition of running behind someone threateningly, while they run away from you. It might not be literally running in this case, but maybe through threats and intimidation, they will expel the 'crazy baldheads' from the town. I don't know Portuguese, but it should be the main definition of chase that you see if you look in an English-Portuguese dictionary.
January 7, 2016
Here "chase" has the meaning of "drive out, expel, remove". The means of "chasing" them out is not specified but think of a mob pursuing an individual or group "out of town".
January 7, 2016
As for the use of the first person pronoun, perhaps the singer is trying to emphasise that he feels strongly about what happened to his forebears (I am assuming he is referring to the landowners and colonists who exploited slave and cheap labour).
January 7, 2016
André Almeida
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