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Alexandra L
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What are your favourite Cantonese learning materials so far? Hi all! Yes it is me again~ Last time I asked what you think the most difficult part to learn Cantonese is. This time could you share with all of us your favourite learning materials? 1. your estimated level of Cantonese, or how long you have been learning Cantonese 2. What are your favourite materials? Are they: - books? - songs? - youtube video clips? - TV series? 3. Why do you like them? Because it is fun? Because you achieved a lot after using them? Let's share your insight and exchange your learning tactics!
Jan 7, 2016 3:47 AM
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Hi! 1. My level is pretty low... 2. The Colloquial Cantonese series from Routledge is quite good for beginners, I think, but the audio feels a little artificial. I also quite like using Glossika Cantonese to drill sentences at a more natural speed. Recently, I've been watching 點點's 點講廣東話 on youtube for some more passive learning. The videos are made for Mandarin speakers, so it's quite interesting learning Cantonese through Mandarin. Also, whenever my motivation is lacking, I watch a Wong Kar-wai film and suddenly Cantonese seems so cool again ;)
January 9, 2016
1) maybe my level is slightly above beginner. I haveI quite a lot of vocabulary, but I haven't got a lot of conversation experience. 2) before I came to Hong Kong I started learning with the "complete Cantonese course" I think that's the name. It helped me a little to get used to the sound of Cantonese, but the vocabulary is often written Cantonese. So the book is not very useful in my opinion. After studying for 1 month, I still couldn't introduce myself. I like to watch Kong Fu movies in Cantonese, because the language is very easy. When I watched Ip man 3 in the cinema, I was surprised how much I could understand (most of it was 走啦). But I don't like watching TV for learning Cantonese, because I don't learn anything. I understand the words I know, but I don't learn the words I can't understand. Since I have no textbook right now, my method of learning Cantonese is writing a diary in Cantonese and let my friends correct it (sometimes I put it in italki).
January 14, 2016
Alexandra L
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