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What is the difference between 'other' and 'another'? How can I use them correctly? Thanks very much for replying me!!
7 janv. 2016 04:16
Answers · 6
other people 其他的人,another person 另一个人
7 janvier 2016
"another" (an+other) is similar to "one additional" unit from the same category. And "other" means something that differentiates from the current one.
7 janvier 2016
'Another' is just 'an' and 'other' written as one word. So 'another' simply means 'one other'. If you know how to use 'a' / 'an', you should know how to use 'another'. We use 'an+other' for singular, countable indefinite nouns: another person another book another country For all other nouns, we use just say 'other': the other book/that other book/my other book (definite) other books/some other books (plural) other information (indefinite)
7 janvier 2016
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