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I want to know something about Copper Sulfate from Russia, such as the manufacturer , Someone can help me with that?
Jan 27, 2008 2:19 PM
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if You know russian well enough and You wanna find russian producers of it then try to look for that in search system like here one of russian manufacturers of copper sulfate: Уралэлектромедь - Промышленная группа "НЕКК" - аналогичным образом сможешь найти то, что тебя интересует. ключевые слова (key words): сульфат меди +РФ, Россия, +производитель
January 29, 2008 (Very poor website) just means they are too interested in doing the work to try to make it look slick. (Russian and German) Russian Copper-Sulfate: There isn’t much to say from most peoples perspective as it relates to Copper-Sulfate from any particular source. Kind of a rose is a rose is a rose comment. On the other hand, there are many different quality factors to look at when deciding what CuSO4 to use. The main problems seem to be that of which one is most pure. Testing of the compound seems to be the most accurate way to find out how pure a CuSO4 compound is. However, the best known CuSO4 seems to be that of CuSO4 5H20 (Copper-Sulphate Pentahydrate). A deep blue crystalized version of CuSO4 kind of interjected hydrolysis CuSO4 · 5H20 is the easiest form of CuSO4 to recognize. Russian and German CuSO4 are generally considered the most prolific exporters of CuSO4. So, all you have left is to test the product as it is provided. Seeing the color and foreign matter in powder would be the most obvious clue in considering how pure any sample of powder form might be but it is more difficult to know how unadulterated a powder is simply by viewing it. Testing becomes the one sure way to know how pure a sample really is. Hope this helps. I am a Holistic Herbal and Natural Substance Practitioner. I am fairly certain you are not looking to find information about what these substances mean to each individual but just for background I will follow up with this info: No one mineral or vitamin is the cure all for ailments of the human race. Although it is true that a particular mineral and a particular vitamin might be the most helpful for 1 specific ailment we all need “ALL” minerals and vitamins to interact to help ward off any problems in growth and health as we age. It may be nice to use a particular mineral and a specific vitamin in the ground to help grow a plant but that doesn’t mean that we as humans have acquired even half of the nutrients that we need from that plant hence the need to consume and metabolize all that we take in. Liquid soluble “colloidal mineral and vitamin substances are the most metabolizable ingredients to ensure health and vitality. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.
January 27, 2008
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