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How to distinguish between " affect, influence, impact and effect"? There are other synonyms which is difficult to understand their usage and spread... Please help me with good examples or give many another synonyms to us study together... :) Have a nice day for all..
Jan 7, 2016 5:24 AM
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To be honest, you need to forget that these words are synonyms for a moment, and look up each word in a dictionary (or two). Yes, this takes time, but it will solve your problem permanently. You will understand the differences by looking at the differences.
January 7, 2016
Here's another interpretation of them: - affect: CAUSE A CERTAIN CHANGE to, making the thing/person changed. - effect: BRING ABOUT an outcome, condition, result, etc. - influence: INTERFERE WITH and CHANGE, slowly or as a side effect. - impact: CAUSE A SUDDEN, BIG CHANGE on a thing or person. Examples: - This policy will affect a great majority of the population. - This policy will effect a welcome change for the nation. - This policy will influence the foreign policy of surrounding nations. - This policy will impact the economic recovery.
January 7, 2016
So firstly, 'affect' is a verb: 'to affect' and is different from 'effect', a noun, so when we see 'effect' it is the 'impact' on something. Let's use an example: "What are the effects of drink driving? Driving concentration has been affected as well as reaction time" I just used the third word in your list which is used for two meanings : like above for effect and also a physical impact, when an aeroplane( airplane in US spelling) hits the ground it makes an impact. Finally, influence is a verb and a noun, we use this term in a more metaphorical (from metaphor implying something different, non-literal) or cultural sense. An example of this is "people in the Renaissance were influenced by ideas of the ancient Greek and Roman thinkers and artists".
January 7, 2016
Thanks for all your help.. :)
January 8, 2016
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