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what is the noun meaning of wrap? I browse the amazon, and find a product but confused by the meaning of the word "wrap"., I think the products consist of two parts, a ice pack and a fabric wrap, but in the reviews, some one said "nice wrap",at this condition the wrap may mean the whole product, I want to ask the "wrap " means cloth cover or the whole product on earth. The dictionary explains as "Wrap is the material that something is wrapped in" and "A wrap is a piece of clothing which women wear round their shoulders, either to keep them warm when wearing an evening dress, or for decoration over a coat." I am still confused. Thank you for your help.
Jan 7, 2016 7:30 AM
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You may be interested in some further meanings of "wrap": 1. a tortilla wrapped around some fillings (like a 卷). 2. "keep it under wraps" = keep it confidential. 3. A shawl
January 7, 2016
Here "wrap" is used to refer to the outer covering into which the gel pack is inserted and which can be "wrapped" around the sore area on the body and kept in place.
January 7, 2016
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