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Loong Loong
What does "go down" mean in this transcript? Thanks. I was listening to a podcast but I was wondering what "go down" means in this transcript that was written by me. Surely, I'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of this transcript hehe.. You run a company. The company is failing. It's running out of money. As a last attempt to try make your company to profitable. You're launching a new product. Everybody is pinning all that hopes on this new product. We think if this product sells, the company is gonna survive, if the product doesn't sell , they're gonna "GO DOWN". I did check the Cambridge dictionary but I'm still not sure about it. 1. (HAPPEN) › US slang If an ​event such as a ​crime or a ​deal goes down, it ​happens: I ​tried to ​tell Tyrell what was going down, but he wouldn't ​listen. 2. (LEAVE) › UK old-fashioned If you go down from a ​college or ​university, ​especially ​Oxford University or Cambridge University, you ​leave either ​permanently or on ​holiday
Jan 7, 2016 12:53 PM
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In this context 'go down' means that the company will fail, collapse, go out of business.
January 7, 2016
Loong Loong
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