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can you say "I" in Japanese, Like "I am a boy"?
7 gen 2016 14:02
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you could say "ぼくはおとこのこです" (boku wa otokonoko desu), which means "I am a boy". I think you could also use "わたし" (watashi), but I normally hear the male characters in anime use boku, so I think the first option would be the best phrase to use.
7 gennaio 2016
The sentences no one ever says are ぼくはおとこのひとです、ぼくはおとこのこです You can use わたし for both male and female.
9 gennaio 2016
Yes, you can say "I am a boy." in several different ways in fact. As Kendra pointed out, anime characters say "僕(ぼく)" a lot, which is correct, but is usually used with informal speech. Depending on who you're talking to and your situation, the sentence can look very different. A couple of examples: 私は男の子です。(わたしはおとこのこです。) - from my understanding, this is the most correct way to say this sentence in です form. 僕・俺は男の子だ。(ぼく・おれはおとこのこだ。) - this is what you'll probably hear in anime. In this particular case, though, 俺(おれ) would be a very weird sentence, not because it's not correct, but because the people who use 俺 are usually older men, not boys. 僕 is usually used by younger men and boys alike. You can also do this if you're really into talking too politely: 私は男の子でございます(わたくしはおとこのこでございます。) This, at least to me, sounds incredibly forced, but there might be differing opinions on the matter. Don't use this unless you have a situation in which you have to speak with some sort of CEO or something. Hope I'm helpful, and have fun studying Japanese!
7 gennaio 2016
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