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How to tell the difference between "be going to" and "will"? I don't know what to do for my vacation. Maybe I “am going to/will go to” Paris. I know the plane ticket is very expensive. Perhaps I “am going to take/will take” the bus and “am going to stay/will stay” in Youth Hostel to save some money. Your brother “has taken/took” the bus to Paris before, right? - In those "", which is better? Thanks!
2016년 1월 7일 오후 4:31
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It's a question of whether the plans have already been made or not. We'd use 'going to' if you had already decided on your vacation plans and/or the arrangements were fixed. But in this case, you're uncertain, so you'd say 'Maybe I'll go to Paris' and 'Perhaps I'll take the bus and I'll stay in a Youth Hostel'. In the last sentence you'd say 'has taken' (present perfect), because you are talking in general about the brother's experience rather than about a specific occasion (past simple).
2016년 1월 7일
"Maybe I will go to Paris" "I will take the bus" "and will stay in" "Your brother has taken the bus"
2016년 1월 7일
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