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Why in English some words are written like that nothin' and no nothing
7 янв. 2016 г., 18:50
Answers · 5
It's meant to depict the pronunciation in casual speech, and is not a proper spelling. The casual pronunciation uses the normal N, instead of the correct velar N. Also, the "i" vowel is reduced to a schwa sound.
7 января 2016 г.
It is slang and while most natives will understand it, it can be a huge problem for new learners. Imagine trying to figure out why anybody would say ' I ain't got nothin' , or ' I ain't gonna go ' ?
7 января 2016 г.
voce tem que reconhecer que em todos os idiomas, pessoas mudam as palavras. No portuguese, voce diz tá no lugar de está. Usa "pra" no lugar de "para a." Então, quando voce vê "like nothin'" que somente é uma expressão de inglês como Portuguese. É um dito. Espero que este ajuda voce.
5 января 2017 г.
Andy is right. But the pronunciation of "nuttin" would include a glottal stop "nu'in" . The t's are not pronounced
8 января 2016 г.
Phil is correct but I'd like to add more. Sometimes you'll find 'what are you doing' modified to "wat'cha doin" and a common response in that style would be "nuttin".
7 января 2016 г.
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