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Adam Haecker
drinks how do you refer to a generic drink, aka a glass of beer or a glass of water but in generic terms. is it のみもの? in that case would this be correct? わたしののみものをさけです。 My drink is sake. わたしののみものをみずです。 My drink is water. Furthermore how do you ask someone if they want a drink? のみものですか?
7 янв. 2016 г., 19:06
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Yes! のみもの is a generic term for drinks. A direct Japanese translation for "My drink is sake." would be わたしののみものは、(お)さけです。 But, it sounds a bit unnatural. For example, a conversation about drinks would go like this: なにをのんでいますか? What are you drinking? (わたしは)おさけを のんでいます。/わたしがのんでいるのは、おさけです。 I'm drinking Sake./What I'm drinking is Sake. どんなのみものがすきですか? What kind of drinks do you like? (わたしは)ジュースがすきです。 I like juice.   And if you are asking someone if he/she would like a drink, I would ask like this: なにか(のみものを) のみますか/のみたいですか? I hope this is helpful!
8 января 2016 г.
Adam Haecker
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