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doubt with お連れの方たち、ハンバーグですかね?やっぱり・・・。 what is the meaning of this sentence お連れの方たち、ハンバーグですかね?やっぱり・・・。 and what does mean 方たち?
Jan 7, 2016 8:32 PM
Answers · 3
方 refers to a person in a polite way and たち makes it plural. チリの人 a person from Chile チリの方 a person from Chile (polite) チリの人たち people from Chile チリの方たち people from Chile (polite) It depends on the circumstances, but my translation for the sentence would be this: Your companions would like hamburg steaks? I thought so... I hope this will make sense!
January 8, 2016
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