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Which one of these studies do you suggest me to study ? What do u prefer engineering or management ? and why?
Oct 8, 2008 6:24 PM
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well, I'd say you should look at your abilities and try and match them to the skills you might need in the respective jobs. Engineers need to be very good at maths and science, so generally a very analytical and logical brain. Managers also need to be able to think very laterally but also be able to work effectively in a team, so they need to have very good interpersonal skills. I work in management and really enjoy getting the best out of people and helping to make a difference to my organisation as part of a team. I studied Accounting at university so it was a natural progression into business. I would say that some of the best managers I know trained originally as engineers! So definitely keep your options open. You can still go into management even if you do Engineering, indeed many companies really value this kind of analytical background. My advice to you really is go for what you enjoy learning. Both professions have tremendous career prospects so you can become successful in either. What will make the most amount of difference is getting a good degree from a good institution. Hope that's helped, if you need any advice then drop me a line. Good luck :=)
October 8, 2008
First of all have an idea of what engineering and management is about. Don't hesitate to meet graduates and professionals of those two orientations. Once you know what both is about and you are still curious about them, study them both in hierarchical priority. If you can finance it study two years of the one and graduate from the other. Remember that there's much more than knowledge in this life, and know that knowledge often lies a long way from happiness. Try to study whatever beautiful attracts your intellect to the extend it does not get tiring and boring. At your age the most important that you have to learn is 'how to teach yourself'. And you learn this well in any university.
October 9, 2008
well it deoends on what kind of engineerings but in my opinion it is not suitable when we hear that there are engineer girl i think managment is good for u and u cab unvent something new in ur future in ur work and as i know that the girls is so smart. in my opinion and i dont wana u get angry but try to study a scientific specialization and good luck for u
October 8, 2008
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