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what does these two korean sentences mean ? 이 문장들이 영어로 어떻게 말하세요? 찌질하게 눈치 좀 보지 말고 사치 좀 부려볼까 thank you in advance ^^
7 janv. 2016 23:50
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"찌질하게 눈치 좀 보지 말고 사치 좀 부려볼까" (it is one sentence) - 찌질하다: lame, loser-like, dumb, boring, worthless, etc. - 눈치를 보다: tow the line; be meek and wary; be servile. - 사치를 부리다: indulge in luxury; live large; live beyond one's means. => Should I stop being a loser afraid of others and live it up a little? => Rather than towing the line like a loser, should I revel in some luxury?
8 janvier 2016
Haha, I see that these are song lyrics. The vocabulary here is a bit beyond my level, but I can tell you that these are not two sentences. You cannot end sentences with 말고. "찌질하게 눈치 좀 보지 말고 사치 좀 부려볼까?" should be what you're looking to translate. Hope that helps.
8 janvier 2016
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