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功夫 and 中国武术??? 喂! I'm not learning Chinese -at least for the moment- but I just started practicing Kung Fu, and I hear these two words a lot, so I just want to know what is the deference between 功夫 (Kung Fu) and 中国武术 (Wushu)? 谢谢!
Oct 8, 2008 7:37 PM
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功夫 is more or less traditionally defined by fundamental techniques such as breathing and stances while 武术 covers a wider array of different styles and weaponry. i would also say that 功夫 is practiced more on an individual basis versus 武术 being more organized with certain schools. in modern china 武术 has been made a sport by the communist regime and pretty much disbanded the different sects survived by only a few remaining ones 比如少林派,峨嵋派。 although western societies have recently more readily adopted 功夫 because 很多功夫师父都移民到别的国家去了。 还有武术更加是一门艺术。 总之中国功夫之王! :P 那你到底练的是什么三脚猫的功夫么?
October 10, 2008
that's a good question. this summer when olympic games running in china,i saw a talk show about chinese martial art 's applying for one of the olympic games,they invited Jet Lee(李连杰),and he talked about the difference of the kung fu and chinese martial arts. chinese martial arts are a traditional individaual sports,they are extensive and profound,and with a long history,they are so many kinds of ,not only what you saw on TV show or Films.contains knife,spear,staff,bar,fencing,fist position,hand position,foot position etc.And in different area have different styles,some are famous for the staff(as ShaoXin Staff),and some famous for the fist position(Taiji)...i can't give you a general idea of what are chinese martial arts,coz they are so big,if you ask 10 persons,and they give you 10 answers. Actually,chinese don't say i wanna learn 功夫,they will say i wanna learn shaoxin martial arts,taiji fist or sth else.Chinese martial arts are bigger than kungfu,and somehow,in my opinion,kungfu is kind of shows,and martial art is kind of sports. so if you wanna learn "中国武术",choose a style first.
October 9, 2008
中国武术 is an art,it is able to make our healthy, 功夫 is a thing that can guarantee ur safety~~
October 12, 2008
功夫in oral 中国武术in written
October 11, 2008
Or you can call it Chinese Martial Art.
October 9, 2008
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