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I do hope to make a foreigner friend. But i found that foreigners are always friendly with you ,but it seems that we can not become real friend.I don't know why.p
Jan 27, 2008 3:13 PM
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hey .. why do you say that? what do you mean real friends? and why can't you be? friends are friends if they are not real then they are fake. and foreget about thoes ones. i think you can have friends even if you get to know them through the internet. well if you ever want to practice your english with someone just send me a message or chat. and good luck . watch you will find "real friends" don't worry. keep learning english you are doing good!:) ~nicamamii~
January 27, 2008
Dear friend I am a beginner in english. Real friends you will find when politics and religion are no subjects. Bye and take care. Colli the old man
January 27, 2008
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