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English Articles Question Could you please advise what is the difference in meaning between "love is reason", "love is a reason" and "love is the reason"?
8 янв. 2016 г., 14:29
Answers · 4
"Love is reason" means love = reason. They are one and the same. "Love is a reason" means love is one factor in making the decision to do something "Love is the reason" means love is the only factor involved in that decision.
8 января 2016 г.
Love is reason > Love and reason are same / love equals reason. ( not too correct to use this ,if I know what you mean Four is 4 Love is A reason > love is ONE of (many) other reasons. "A" points to one of many SIMILAR objects.. A dog came to the house > the writer just mentioned that it was a dog , without telling which dog it is . love is the reason> love is ... THAT reason. "The" points to one specific object (love) The dog came to my house > it means a certain dog(the object) that the writer is referring to . If you dont know , then you should ask "what dog are you refering to ?"
8 января 2016 г.
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