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translation problems سلام عليكم I have some problem with this sentence... I cannot get the meaning... this is the sentence و لكي وفية لذكراها لابد لي من أن أمنحها ما تستحق بين البيت التي رأتها و عاشت معها و كثيراً ما ناكدها لمجرد استفزازها و معرفة ما تُخبؤه تحت طيات روحها الشفافة The narrator is speaking about the wonderful mother she had. The first part is clear: " to be faithful to the memory I have of her I must...." and then it get's complicated. Most of all the last part, from معرفة. Thank you a lot! شكرا جزيلا
Jan 8, 2016 4:48 PM
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The sentence is full of mistakes indeed: "و لكي وفية" there's a missing word, it should be "و لكي (أبقى/أظل/أكون) وفية" "to (be\remain) faithful". "بين البيت" "between the house", doesn't make sense since the word "house" is singular, so I assume there's another missing word, like it should've been "بين جدران البيت" "between the walls of the house" (there are other possibilities too, but I'll assume this is the right one since it makes more sense). "ناكدها " is in masculine form, which contradicts the rest of the sentence, so it should be "ناكدتها". Finally, the word "تخبؤه" should be written like this "تخبئه". So the translation would mean : "و لكي أظل وفية لذكراها لابد لي من أن أمنحها ما تستحق بين جدران البيت التي رأتها و عاشت معها و كثيراً ما ناكدتها لمجرد استفزازها و معرفة ما تُخبئه تحت طيات روحها الشفافة" "And to remain faithful of her memory, I have to give her what she deserves between the walls of the house that saw her and lived with her, and often pestered her just to provoke her into showing what she hides within the folds of her transparent soul" . The part of ( that saw her and lived with her ) might also be translated like this (that she saw and lived with) , (either the mother lived with the walls/house, or the walls "figuratively" lived with the mother), also the last part might still be talking about the house (figuratively) or maybe the narrator is talking about herself, the sentence has many mistakes and a little ambiguous and I'm just working on assumptions as I mentioned before, so if it doesn't make any sense within the context, please provide more context.
January 8, 2016
It feels somehow incomplete, are you sure that's all of it ?
January 8, 2016
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