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Non-agreeing adjectives? Hi i recently wrote an entry where the following lines were corrected: Ma maison est froide. Elle a chaud. Il fait chaud à l'intérieur. I'm wondering why the adjectives aren't agreeing with what they're describing? For instance how is Maison est froide different from Elle (referring to Ma femme) a chaud? What about Il fait chaud if it is describing la intérieur? Thanks in advance.
2016년 1월 8일 오후 5:15
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'avoir chaud' and 'il fait chaud' are set phrases. You can't ever say 'Elle a chaude', but you can say 'Elle est chaude' (meaning her skin is hot in a non-sexual context). Also, you can only use 'faire chaud' with 'il'.
2016년 1월 8일
Ma maison est froide means the house is cold When you say Elle a chaud, it doesn't mean that the woman is hot, it means that she feels hot.. She might be somewhere hot and that's why she's feeling like that Il fait chaud où il fait froid are often used to describe the weather
2016년 1월 8일
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