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nicole c.
Hi! Can someone help me translate a few song lyrics from Japanese to English? Thank you! Gimme Love Gimme Love, 胸が いつもより音鳴らして 見上げていた空は 誰かを真似て滲んだ Gimme Love Gimme Love そう僕は 未来へと手をかざして 明日の太陽は キミを真似して笑った You and I 僕等 ほら All right Be my love Be my love 今僕らを待つ未来を 胸が踊るほどの愛で世界を 生きていこう You're number one 世界中で一番の愛を 僕らは今失くさないように ココロに 胸の奥にいる小さなLionheart Gimme love Gimme love 今も きっとあの願い星は また流れ忘れ 僕等の上で止まった
Jan 8, 2016 7:46 PM
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There’s a fan-made translation of Lionheart by Jin Akanishi on Jpopasia ( Japanese songs are very poetic and usually consist of sentence fragments so I can only provide my best attempt at interpreting the lyrics: Give me Love, Give me Love My heart is noisier than usual The sky that I am looking up at Reflects someone’s image Gimme Love Gimme Love. Like that, I Held my hands out toward the future And tomorrow’s sun Laughed like you You and I We Look here All right Be my love x2 A future which awaits us A world that by means of love so great it makes our heats dance continues to live You’re the number one The number one love in the world In order for us not to lose it now Inside our hearts Within our chests, we must have a lionheart Gimme lovex2 Even now Surely that wishing star that has lost its way Has stopped above us again Notes: 1. 胸[mune]= chest, but in English most emotional expressions revolve around the heart so it’s more appropriate to translate something like 胸が重い as ‘my heart is heavy’ 2. I suppose "lionheart" refers to the historical figure, "Richard the Lionheart", who was notoriously strong willed and led troops to decisive victories in combat
January 8, 2016
nicole c.
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