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'Vil' vs 'ønsker' vs 'har lyst' What's the difference between them? They all seem to express wish. Example: "Jeg vil lære norsk" vs "Jeg ønsker å lære norsk" vs "Jeg har lyst til å lære meg norsk." Also, what's the function of the "meg" in the latter? Is it necessary in all of them?
2016年1月8日 21:12
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Hi Bruno, I'm a beginner at Norwegian, but I will try to provide an answer. It appears there is a matter of degree in the wishes. Jeg vil lære norsk = I truly wish/want to learn norwegian Jeg ønsker å lære norsk = I wish in the depths of my heart to learn norwegian Jeg har lyst å lære norsk = I have a desire to learn norwegian. It appears the "meg" is relating back to the "jeg" so the sentence appears to mean: Jeg har lyst å lære meg norsk = I have a desire to teach myself norwegian. I'm probably wrong in my guesses, but I hope it has helped in some way. David
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